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Scrummy Raspberry Jam

A great compliment on home made break or toast and in my Victoria Sponge


800 g raspberries rinsed and dried

750 g Granulated Sugar

5 tbsp Fresh Lemon juice


Before starting, place a saucer in the fridge, you will need this later.

1. Place the Raspberries, sugar and lemon juice in a preserving pot or very large saucepan.

2. Now over a gentle heat on the hob, stir the mixture slowly occasionally, until all of the sugar has dissolved.

3. Increase the heat to a rolling boil for 8 minuets.

4. To test when the jam is ready, take you're saucer out of the fridge and place a small spoonful of them jam in the centre. Run you're finger through the jam, careful as it maybe still hot, if the jam crinkles and is gel like, the jam is ready to go into the jam pots. If the jam is not ready, re - boil for a couple minuets at a time and re - test.

5. Using a ladle, place the jam into sterilised jam pots and seal immediately. This recipe will make two 900g pots of jam.

Store in the Fridge, enjoy!

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